GDPR Data Usage

Here's where we outline to you our data usage policy. 

Firstly, and most importantly, Clever Techies will never send your résumé to a client without first informing you and getting your consent, so it won't go anywhere without your knowledge and permission.

Secondly, we do that on a per-role basis, so if you apply for one role, and we get your permission to submit you to that particular client, then it doesn't mean we've permission to send it to any other client, unless we ask you, and you say 'yes'. 

Thirdly, we will keep your résumé details on file for at most 24 months; after that we'll delete them.  But even before the 24 months expire we won't use them (i.e., send them to a client) without notifying you and getting your consent (that's point 1 and 2 above).

Fourthly, if you'd like us to remove your details, or for any other data usage queries, please contact us at, and we'll do our utmost to help you.

We don't "spam" CVs to clients. Nor do we 'spec' candidates to clients or prospective clients, whereby we send outline details, which may inadvertently identify you and embarrass you. 

And finally, this is the way we've always done things at Clever Techies; it isn't a reaction to the EU's GDPR. It's the way we'd like to be treated if we were in your position, so that's the way we behave.