CV Guide

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Most people, if you ask them, think that a CV’s purpose is to get them a job.

So they list, in laborious detail, every little thing about their lives. They bore (sorry, I meant to say inform) the reader about what they did in school, their favourite past times, who they admire.


The CV’s only purpose is to get you an interview. Think about it: Have you ever been hired solely from your CV? The interview is the main event. Your CV is only the warm-up act. So it isn’t important then?


It will probably be the most important document you write in your life (with the possible exception of that pre-nup with an Internet billionaire, but most of you won’t get to write that).

Your CV has to be designed to hook the reader and get them to say “this person is worth meeting”. That’s all. Nothing else. So, no matter how brilliant your CV is, a poor interview will kill your job prospects, but it’s a lot better to get to sit at the table and fail than wonder what it’s like to sit at the table.